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Blog #2 of 365 – Today is about Myself


Well this is day 2 of my self imposed blog challenge! My challenge is to blog everyday for the next year! So here I am, I’m up and I’ve shown up to my computer to write this blog post! I thought I would begin by telling a little bit about myself, as part of building a new business is building relationships! Well here it goes, I am 55 years old, a baby boomer and have chosen a new career path at my seasoned age. I am a retired Registered Nurse. I successfully practiced for 30 years, most of it in the emergency department. I fully enjoyed it and it was intellectually stimulating, especially when I was in the Army Nurse Corps. In the recent years of my nursing practice I began to feel uninspired, unfulfilled, depleted and like something was missing! At first I couldn’t put my finger on it but after going through a dark period and through some self reflection I discovered I needed to devote time to my creative side! I have always loved taking photographs and when I returned to it I discovered it was feeding my soul and was JUST what I needed. I have people wonder why I have done this, even people in my own family and I tell them that I am happy! They probably still have questions in their minds but I absolutely know that I do not have any more questions in my mind about WHY I am doing what I am doing!!! I have always wanted for my kids to be happy, so why would I not want ME to be happy?! Speaking of my kids, I have 4 wonderful, smart kids that make me proud everyday and by the way I am happily married as well! Well, I think I have succeeded in telling you a little bit about myself, so I will sign off for now.

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