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Day 3 of 365 – How to make a good photo.

Misty Morning Fog
Morning fog as seen through some beautiful Sitka spruce trees.

Hello there! Day 3 here! Since I am a photographer and needed something to blog, I have decided to write about what makes a good photo and tie it in to what makes a good life! In the world of photography I have learned that there are 3 things you need to create a good photo.

The first thing is LIGHT.  In the example above the light is front and center and beautifully illuminates the Sitka spruce in the scene. Without light the photo would be dull and boring and have no spirit! In life we need a source of light also! Whether we see our light as our God or our partner or our family we need a source of light like a beacon is a source of light, direction and salvation to fishermen that are trying to navigate rough, dark seas.

Secondly, a good photo needs COMPOSITION. By composition I mean is there a good focal point, does the image look balanced, the rule of thirds, etc.. In the photo above there is good composition. There is a larger tree that stands out in front (focal point) , nearly 1/3 in from the left side of the image, and there are other smaller trees in the photo to make it look balanced. In life, we need good composition. In your life, do you have a focal point? A passion, something that makes you want to get up in the morning. Is your life balanced as in how much time do you devote to work, family, religion, hobbies, sports, etc..?

Lastly a good photo needs a MOMENT. In my photo above the moment is the morning fog that totally and magically transforms the scene. In life, of course, we have lots of moments that transform our lives. Examples include graduations, weddings, births. Hopefully you all have LIGHT, COMPOSITION AND MOMENTS too many to count in your lives and in your photos!!!


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