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Day 4 of 365: Anxiety

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Missouri River Headwaters

Hey there! Today is day 4 of my self imposed 365 day blog challenge! Since I have a big art show this weekend, I am going to talk about ANXIETY! Not one of my favorite things! It has been a companion in the past, but now I try to head it off before it gets out of control! A certain amount of anxiety can be helpful in order that you are at a heightened sense of awareness and can help with focus to a certain point! As a Mom I am accustomed to worry, that’s what most of us do, right? Everyone says do not worry about the things you can’t control and that is at the forefront for me! Showing your work at an art show is anxiety provoking, to say the least! First, you are worried about how it all looks, the quality of your work,  what are people going to think about your pricing and will I make a good impression with the public. All of those things are all legitimate issues but when you put yourself out there for the public to see, you are going to get that! It is the nature of the beast, so to speak! I do enjoy interacting with the public, especially art enthusiasts! They “get us” as artists and that goes a long way to engaging and feeling comfortable with them. Well just jotting these things down helps! I guess it is a great self help tip too! I am not the only one feeling some anxiety, as there are 40-50 other artists participating in the show! Once my booth is set up it is out of my hands! Well wish me luck! Talk to you again tomorrow.

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