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Day 6 of 365 blog: Exhaustion

Winter Beauty

Hey! Day 6 of my 365 self imposed blog challenge! To those of you who have been following my blogs, I had an AWESOME art show, met lots of great, interesting people, shared my story and my work and just so happened to make a little money also! Yay! It was an awesome learning experience for me in how to show oneself and one’s work  to the art loving public and make connections with others in the art world! Making connections is what it is all about! Connections that are a win-win for all of us are so beneficial!!! Now getting to the topic of my blog, EXHAUSTION! Wow I totally invested myself in the last 4 days and then some in “putting myself out there” and even though it was therapeutic for me it was also very exhausting! Exhausting in a physical sense and also in an emotional sense! Giving of yourself to others is so rewarding but is also very tiring at the same time! If I was to decide which activity is more exhausting, my work out in the gym or a 2 day art show I would pick the 2 day art show! Is anyone with me on that? We’ll talk tomorrow!

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