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Day 7 of 365 blog: Quietness


Day 7 of my 365 day blog! A week has gone by, WOW! Today I am going to talk about quietness! An absence of noise or bustle, a sense of calm. What a feeling to cherish! When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I discovered the whole area was covered in ice fog! It was beautiful! Lots of objects in the distance disappeared behind the fog, giving focus to those things closer to me! I thought about that and just like we, as people, need quietness ,some more than others, so does nature perhaps? When I think of a season that is the most quiet I think of winter. Maybe it is because temperatures are cold outside and we stay in and admire winter from the inside, others also admire it from the outside! It may also be quiet because of things like ice fog and snow that change our focus of how we see the outdoors in winter. After my art show I needed the QUIETNESS today and cherished my view of the ice fog this morning! Little did I know that nature was answering my call for quiet. Signing off for now.

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