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Day 8 of 365 blog: Color


Day 8 is great! Today I talk about COLOR! Last night we were taking a drive through a mountain valley and as the sun was setting we saw this awesome evolution of color! Color in nature is so awe inspiring, with it’s pinks, oranges and blues! The same kind of awe inspiring feeling we get when we gaze at 4th of July fireworks! In photography, some of us, with use of editing software can boost those colors or even change them in the shadows and highlights. Also there are lots of filters that can be applied to a camera lens that can bring out certain colors in the landscape and sky. Why do we go to such lengths to enhance color? I think it is because we respond more strongly to an image that has intense color in it! When we look at art, including paintings, photographs, etc., and such our eyes seem to be drawn to a focal point or area of bold color! Purple signifies royalty. Green is soothing. Blue is calming. Red is bold and wild. Yellow is cheery. Black is dark and sinister and also formal. White is clean, crisp and pure. What things come to mind when you think about color? Signing off for now.

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