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Day 10 of 365 blog: Depth of Field


Day 10 of my 365 day blog challenge! Today I am talking about depth of field. When we talk about depth of field we are talking about how much of the image is in sharp focus. In the photo above we have a relative shallow depth of focus. As you can tell this couple’s hands are in focus and the rest of them are not. How I accomplished this was I put my camera into manual focus and focused on just the hands. One also has to have a relatively large aperture or f stop. In this photo I had my aperture set on 3.2. The larger the aperture the more shallow the depth of focus and the smaller the aperture (f 14) the deeper the depth of field, meaning that the entire image is in sharp focus. These days the cell phone cameras are getting better and better. One can get great portraits with the person in sharp focus and the background soft. When photographing landscapes the goal is to have the whole image in sharp focus, so when taking the shot you want the aperture small, f stop 7 or higher, like f 11 or 14. Hope that makes sense! Give me your comments if you have any! Signing off for now!

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