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Day 11 of 365 blog: Acts of Kindness

horse bw

Day 11 of 365 daily blog challenge! I am going to talk about random acts of kindness! As we near the holiday season where we are rushed and stressed, I think there is a need in this crazy world for more random acts of kindness. Remember when your parents told you, when you stayed at a friend’s house, that you should say please and thank you? I do! Please and thank you are just the beginning! Some little acts of kindness we could do with very little effort are holding the door for someone, helping someone with their bags or just saying “HELLO” to someone as you pass them on the street! I know when I give just a little of myself to someone else that it makes me feel better and isn’t that worth the the small extra effort? I hope today’s blog makes you think a little about what you could do to make someone’s day a little BRIGHTER!!! Share your comments if you have any!

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