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Day 12 of 365 blog: Winter


Day 12 of my self imposed 365 day blog! Talking about winter today. Winter has beauty all its own! A lot of us do not like the cold temperatures, but aside from that, winter has so much beauty! For example, just take a look at the photo above! The sunset is breathtaking as it casts long shadows on the snow. Snow has a way of transforming the landscape on its own. Let’s face it, white is more attractive than brown. There is nothing better than watching it snow from your comfy chair drinking hot cocoa or as you are down hill skiing through lots of fresh powder. The sports in winter are awesome too. Snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, or just snow sledding are fun ways to enjoy the winter season! The sports to enjoy from inside, during the winter, are football and basketball. Football is my favorite sport to watch in the winter. My college team is not having a good year but I am still watching them hoping they will get to a bowl game this year!!! Let me know your comments about winter!

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