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Day 13 of 365: Light

Montana Sunset

Day 13 of 365 daily blog is about LIGHT! Light is very important to me as a photographer. In fact it is the main part of my artists statement! Every photograph I take should have a special light emanating from it. When you think about it, it is an important part of all of our lives! Light, in the physical sense is important in order to carry on our activities of daily living. Light in a spiritual sense is important as it gives us direction, focus and a purpose to our lives. One might see the light of God or the light of  another spiritual being as one’s guiding force. Whatever it might be, light is like the north star was for those travelers trying to find their way in the wide expanses of the world. The light, no matter where it comes from, should be awe inspiring, moving and meaningful for us! Let me know your feelings on this subject of LIGHT!

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