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Day 14 of 365 blog: Friends


Day 14 of 365 blog: Friends! Talking about friends today! Friends are those that “get you.”They know you better than you know yourself sometimes! I have friends that live far away and whenever we reconnect it is like we had never parted. Now there is a difference between friends and acquaintances! With friends you can tell them anything without fear of judgement. With acquaintances you are selective about what you choose to tell them. I have many acquaintances but fewer friends! Friends can also be furry for that matter! I am an empty nestor and no longer have any pets. Pets can be arguably the BEST friends a person could have. They listen endlessly and give unconditional love no matter what! Pets are so therapeutic, I have seen on social media that there are people that would like to see them in hospitals to help with healing! Pets have already been used in assisted living and nursing home settings to enrich the lives of its residents!!! Signing off for now! Hope all of you get to spend time with a “friend” today! Let me know your comments!

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