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Day 17 of 365: Connections

Misty Morning Fog

Day 17 today! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today I am going to touch on connections! On a day like today it is time to be thankful for all of our friends and family and think about all the blessings that have been bestowed on us this past year. Unfortunately some members of our families won’t be at our Thanksgiving table this year, but we can still try to connect with them by phone or face time or skype. We can keep them close to our hearts even though they are far away. As we gather together I hope we can keep politics and current events out of it and instead talk about, for instance, a favorite family memory or the funniest thing that ever happened to Mom or Dad! Keep it lighthearted and get busy making more happy memories with our loved ones! Have a great Thanksgiving and good bye for now! PS Do you see the heart in the photo above? It was not photoshopped I promise!

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