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Day 18 of 365 day blog: Believe!

Missouri River at sunset (grass in foreground)

Day 18 of 365 day blog. Today’s topic: Believe! Today my football team, which is Nebraska, is playing Iowa in Lincoln, NE. I have to BELIEVE  that Nebraska CAN win, but do they believe? This season has been very disappointing to say the least! I am an avid Cornhusker fan and need to have faith in my team especially at home! They do have some talent, but have been plagued with injuries this season. Every fan wants their team to have a successful year, of course! Like every other sport you have to believe that you can do it, work together and make it happen! As in life, if you have a passion and you want to pursue it, you have to have the belief that you can do it and the stamina to gut it out and do what is needed to reach your goal, which in sports is to win. In a small business like mine, the goal is to gain a web presence, work on advertising and marketing and hopefully make my goal, which is profitable sales. Nebraska may not have had a successful season, which in football is at least 6 wins to get to a bowl game, but they will always have a massive group of Husker faithful! I know in my  fight to build a successful photography business, I will have family and friends that will back me during my journey! Keep believing! Go Big Red! Signing off for now!

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