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Day 20 of 365 day blog: Focus


Day 20 of 365 day blog: FOCUS! Hey, thought I would talk about focus today! As a photographer it is important that my images are in sharp focus, unless I want an image to not be in focus (like a background). When you are feeling out of focus, sit down and think about what your priorities are for the day. It might be healthy to write them down in a journal or on a sticky note, think of it as a TO DO list. When I think about manual focus and automatic focus on my camera, one is intentional and the other is not. When I put my camera in manual focus mode the focusing is done by me and if I don’t get it right the photo won’t turn out right. If I put my camera in automatic focus the camera will do it for me. Now you would say it is better to keep your focus automatic, so things will always be sharp. I believe it is better to be in manual focus, where you are the one in control of the focus in life, or you might be focusing on issues that are not your priority. Make your life INTENTIONAL, go in the direction that YOU want to go. If you are not sure which way to go, take some time to think and pray about it and you will be on your way!

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