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Day 21 of 365 day blog: Surprise


Day 21 of my 365 day blog challenge! Wow 3 weeks has gone by quickly! Today I am talking about SURPRISE! Just like I felt when I saw this hot air balloon floating past our window yesterday! I am surprised about the response to my website in the past few days! Everything I have been reading about how to establish a web presence is right! Starting a small business takes some effort, it doesn’t happen by itself! Wish it would, but it doesn’t! I am pleasantly surprised at the number of people that have visited People from the US, Canada, Ireland! What a big world but yet what a small world, that someone from a little town in southwest Montana could reach that far! Social media and the world wide web is quite something and little by little I am learning how to use it as a 50 something! I surprise myself everyday! Hope you have some pleasant surprises come your way today!!! Signing off for now!

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