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Day 23 of 365 day blog challenge! PERSEVERANCE! That is what I am talking about today. Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty. In other words it is tenacity, determination or staying power. Now I am a Taurus and when I was younger my Mom always told me how stubborn I was, so I guess I could be pretty good at perseverance! Winston Churchill once said “never never give up.” I have to keep telling myself that, even though I am Taurus! Part of it is a lack of self confidence that I do not have a good enough product and that no one wants my art. I try to keep those inner voice “demons” away, but here and there they raise their ugly heads!!!! I know one thing, I am following my passion and that my journey may be hard but worth doing! There is a bible quote from John 15:4 that gives me strength and comfort that says, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” In whatever challenges that you face, may you have the strength to PERSEVERE!!!! Signing off for now!

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