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Day 24 of 365 day blog: Writing


Day 24 of 365 day blog: Writing. Writing is the subject today! I remember in school my least favorite thing to do was to write essays. I would always put it off until the very last minute! With my website, I was told to start blogging, I was scared!!! What is a blog and what does it do? How do I start? What do I write about? Those are all good questions and what I did was jump in with both feet or more like dive in! The topics to write about are endless when you think about it! I even imposed a self-imposed 365 day blog challenge on myself! What was I thinking? It has been good for me! Keeps me honest and also the more writing you do the better you get at doing it! At least that is what I am telling myself! HA! The one thing that I wonder about is, are people reading this and what do they think about it? Feedback is very important, it helps you know how to improve on what you are doing!!! So, I am going to keep doing what I am doing and hope for the best! Getting feedback would be nice too!!! Tell me what you think!!! Signing off for now!

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