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Day 26 of 365 day blog: HOPE

Delicate Grasses

Day 26! Almost a month of daily blogging and going strong!!! I am going to talk about HOPE today! Hope is a feeling of expectation for a certain thing to happen! I have reason to feel hope-ful about my favorite college football team, Nebraska! Today the University of Nebraska at Lincoln hired Scott Frost (formerly head coach of the University of Central Florida) as their new head football coach! Scott Frost played football for Nebraska as quarterback when they won the championship back in 1997 under Coach Tom Osborne. He is young, energetic, hungry to win and is from Nebraska and knows what Nebraska football is all about!!! As a Husker fan I continue to HOPE that my football team will be able to contend for the Big 10 championship and ultimately the college football championship! I might be dreaming, BUT I am still HOPEFUL!!! What do you hope for???

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