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Day 28 of 365 day blog: Listening


Day 28 of 365 day blog. LISTENING. I talk about this because my spouse and I have accused each other of not listening to one another. I have to admit when I am busy with another task I may not listen as close as I would if I was not busy! My husband is guilty of the same thing. When we want our spouse to really listen and fully focus on what we are saying, I guess we should tell them to drop what they are doing and LISTEN. The definition of listening is to give one’s focus to sound. Did you know that there are 4 types of listening? 1. Appreciative listening, which is listening to enjoy, like music. 2. Critical listening, which is listening to what a speaker is saying and trying to determine his/her agenda. 3. Relationship listening, what we do when we listen to a friend, also called empathetic listening. 4. Discriminative listening, which is what you do when you not only listen to words but key in on things like body language and nonverbal behaviors. this can only be done in a face to face interaction. Which type of listening do you use most often? Signing off for now!

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