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Day 29 of 365 day blog: REST


Day 29 of 365 day blog! REST! What does rest mean to you? The definition of rest is to cease movement in order to relax, refresh or recover your strength. How often do you take time out to rest? What does rest mean to you? Does it mean meditation, a hot bath, taking a short nap, stretching, yoga, a walk or thoughtful prayer? It could mean all of those things. We are all different, but whatever you choose to do, make sure you rest! I know when I haven’t rested I feel exhausted and crabby and don’t have enough energy to give to others like my husband. When you are tired and exhausted you tend to feel resentful towards people and your situation and are no good to anyone!!! Instead do yourself a favor and get some REST, preferably try to carve out some time daily! It does not have to be long, just 20 or 30 minutes is better than no time at all! When you take care of yourself you will be better able to take care of others!!!! Comments?

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