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Day 31: 10 Benefits of Excercise

My friend Brook

Day 31: EXERCISE! I am going to talk about everyone’s favorite: EXERCISE! There are some days I have to drag myself to the gym and other days I am anxious to get there! There are numerous benefits of exercise, but I will only mention 10. 1. Exercise decreases body fat! 2. Exercise oxygenates the body. 3. It strengthens muscles. 4. It strengthens the heart. 5. Exercise improves coordination. 6. It improves memory (which I need help with). 7. It decreases stress and improves mood! 8. Exercise decreases blood pressure and cholesterol. 9. It boosts immunity. and 10. Exercise decreases cancer risk. Those are some pretty important benefits to exercise! Next time I have to drag myself to the gym I will have to remind myself about these benefits, especially with so much holiday eating ahead! Yikes!

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