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Day 35 of 365 day blog: TREASURE


Day 35 of 365 day blog is about TREASURE! Talking about treasure today! The word treasure is a noun as well as a verb. As a noun it is a quantity of something precious like metals or gems. As a verb it means to keep carefully. Other synonyms include cherish, prize, hold dear or value greatly. I have a lot of TREASURES in my life! Where do I start? Most importantly I treasure (verb) my husband, my 4 kids and their partners, and my great parents and the rest of my extended family! I even treasure all of my friends (old and new) and acquaintances that I have made this year! I also treasure the beautiful state that I live in, which is Montana. In fact it is known as “the treasure state” (noun), because of the gold and copper it possesses. As a Christian I believe that I am “treasured” by God, just look at the sacrifice He made for all of us!!!! Just remember that you are a “treasure” and that you are also “treasured” by all of those that LOVE you!!!

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