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Day 37 of 365 day blog: DIVERSIFY


Day 37 is about DIVERSIFY! Diversify means to make or become more varied. In a company it means to enlarge or vary its range of products or field of operation. As an artist and a photographer I have decided to diversify my ART. I am going to continue to offer photography for sale but will also offer pastel paintings! As far as art goes there is an abundance of different kinds of medium out there! I figure if I experiment with another art form that it might jump start my creativity when it comes to photography as well. Maybe I will come to like soft pastels better and continue to photograph for my source photos. There are, as they say, different strokes for different folks! So, what do you think of this piece of art???? Let me know!!! PS All of my images (photographs and pastel paintings) are available for purchase.

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