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Day 40: Keys to a Long Marriage


Day 40: Keys to a long marriage! Did you notice I did not say good marriage? No I am just totally kidding, today is my 34th wedding anniversary! Honestly it has been a great 34 years of wedded bliss! I am not saying every single day has been the BEST of the BEST, but it has been mostly GREAT!! When I think about what has made it so good I think about how we do some things together that we both enjoy! We both like playing golf and shooting black powder silhouette (target shooting) together! We also enjoy time apart which is healthy too! He has his “guy” time and I have time with my “girl” friends. Another thing is I have given up on changing some of the things I wanted to, but failed to, change! It was not worth fighting those “battles,” they were tiny on the grand scheme of things anyway! Like how my husband likes to wear flannel shirts every day! Guess there will be no Armani suit days for my guy! Ha! Ha! Instead we are like an old pair of shoes, nice and comfortable! I know I have joked around a little but I love my hubby and hope we make it another 34 years!!! How many of you have been married 34 years or more?

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