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Day 41 of 365 day blog: DAUGHTERS


Day 41 of my 365 day blog. Today I am talking about daughters! I have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. I love my sons dearly and I can easily say that they were a lot easier to raise than my daughter! Can anyone out there relate so far? My daughter is so very dear to me, but there has been DRAMA, not so much now that she is older. My husband and I have dealt with lots of tears and shouting! There were times when she would have trouble with her girlfriends and there was lots of listening!!! Most of the trouble, from my stand point, came when my daughter would get “lippy” with me, which was very often! Now my daughter would NEVER lip off to her Dad mind you, and if she had, it would have been her last!!! Thank goodness, whenever she would lip off and her Dad was around, he would stand up for me and reprimand her. When it was just her and I, I would have trouble saying the right thing to diffuse the situation! I guess my daughter felt comfortable with me letting her angst and emotions flare with me! Somehow we got through that turbulent time and now our relationship is much more positive, as she is 20 now. Those teens were a doozy!!!! She is most dear and we love when we are together! Those days of lipping off are over and I am so very thankful!!!!

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  1. Dear Lynn, I Enjoyed your “Daughters” post. I definitely can relate. We love them dearly but they do test us. I always say about my youngest daughter – she pulls me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone. She is always trying to helping me to grow, to understand her and where she is in time, better. We have four daughters and two sons – each one is very different – their own person. (I had to read your post to my one daughter who has three girls – 19, 16 and 8.She can definitely relate as well.) Thank you for your words of life’s wisdom. Love Gail

    1. Thank you Gail for reading and enjoying my blog! I appreciate your feedback! Lynn

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