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Day 43 of 365 day blog: Mother Nature


Day 43 of 365 day blog: Mother Nature. Talkin’ about Mother Nature today! As I look out the window today I see the fury of Mother Nature in action. She is someone to respect, just ask a pilot. Stormy wintry weather conditions have a way of changing people’s travel plans. A case in point is a trip my husband made to go duck and goose hunting, he made the trip up there in about 4 hours and planned to go hunting the next morning. Mother Nature had other plans, the roads leading to the hunting area were drifted shut, so he had to drive home, no ducks, no geese. Darn! Oh well, you know what they say, _ _ it happens!!!! I guess what I am saying is that one should RESPECT the weather conditions and not risk one’s life when travelling! I hope that our weather conditions improve so if folks need to drive to get to see their families for Christmas they can do it!!!

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