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Day 46 of 365 day blog: COMFORTS


Day 46 blog. Talkin’ about COMFORTS today! Woke up this morning on Christmas Eve to find the temperature was a balmy – 18 degrees! Not 18 degrees, but 18 below zero! Wow, it is just as cold as Fairbanks, Alaska! We had some outdoor stuff to do today and I was thinking how most of us take being warm and dry FOR GRANTED! When we got in from the outside it was so WARM and my legs, butt, toes and fingers were frozen! I am so thankful for a warm house to come home to, blankets to cuddle up in and a hot cup of coffee to sip on! I am also thankful that I don’t have a job I have to be outside to do! As a photographer I can venture out to take photos and come in as soon as I get cold. When I think about it the basic comforts of life, to me, are being warm, happy and in the company of someone I love! I wish that everyone could enjoy these comforts as most of us do! Here’s wishing you all a happy and warm Christmas with friends and family!

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