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Day 50 of 365 day blog: SONS

Summit Lake

Day 50 of 365 day blog! SONS! What a wonderful subject for today! I am proud to say that I have 3 amazing, smart and good looking sons!!! Of course I would say that, but seriously they are the BEST. My oldest son is a pilot, 2nd son is an engineer and 3rd son is a college student (on the Dean’s list) studying physical therapy. How PROUD could a mother possibly be??? They have always been there for me!!! When they were younger they each had their MOMENTS, as we all do, especially through those dreaded teen years! They sowed their wild oats, as they say, but never got into too much trouble. Don’t ask me to define “too much trouble.” Ha! Now, they are total gems and like a good whiskey ” they get better with age.” Like I have said before I would rather raise a boy than a girl, sorry girls! Since I am one I know!!! I hope as I write this that my boy’s ears are burning. I want them to know that I always think of them, even though 2 of them are far away! Sending them loving vibes through the BLOGASPHERE!!! What are your thoughts about sons?!

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