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Day 51 of 365 day blog: FATHERS


Day 51 of 365 day blog! FATHERS! My my yet another wonderful topic! Everyone has one and I feel compelled to tell you about mine!!! My father, who I usually call “Dad,” is more than I could have ever asked for in a dad! He worked hard at a ham packing plant for years until he retired and made a good living for Mom and us 5 kids. He took us to ball practice and to gymnastics lessons and did our grocery shopping. If we were “extra” good at the grocery store we could get one of those boxes of animal cookies (in the circus box with string handle). I think they were 25 cents a box. I bet no one out there knows what those were! To sum up my Dad, he is ALWAYS there for us and displays that ever precious unconditional love towards us even when we disappoint him. I try not to do that very often! The BEST part of my Dad is the absolute love and happiness in his eyes when he sees us, no matter how short or long the time between visits!!! He is a true saint here on earth, I just know it!!! I love you Dad!!!


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