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Day 52 of 365 day blog: VISION


Day 52 of 365 day blog: VISION! Vision is the ability to see and to have a vision is the experience of seeing someone or something in a dream. Do you have a vision? Are you following your vision? It is very easy to let yourself get caught up in what others are doing! The secret is to stay true to your own unique vision! Follow that vision, find your passion and do what you love! I spent a large part of my life doing what I thought I loved and after a while I felt depleted and unfulfilled. Now I have changed my focus and am visualizing a whole new path and it is scary sometimes! I have a lot of self doubt and wonder if I will ever succeed in this new vision for my life. One thing I am sure of is that I love what I am doing and will continue with it and see where it leads. I am hopeful that 2018 will bring success and prosperity! Happy New Year!

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