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Day 53 of 365 day blog: NEW


Day 53 of my 365 day blog! NEW! The definition of new is not existing before or something that is made, introduced or discovered recently. I see this new year as a period of time that has not existed before and a time for NEW discoveries and experiences. It is never good to dwell on the past and things that may not have worked out well in the previous year. Leave those things behind, never to revisit again! This is a time to make a fresh start and make a list of goals for this coming year! For a well rounded focus, make goals that will improve your mind, body and spirit! One thing I am considering to improve my mind is to enroll in some photography classes. We should never be satisfied with the knowledge we have! Strive for more! As far as my body goes, I am going to continue to work out regularly in the gym! Stay active! As far as the spirit goes I am going to keep God close in my journey and trust in what plans He has for me! Hope you have been thinking about what your new year will look like!!! Make it happen!

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