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Day 56 of 365 day blog: FOOTBALL


Day 56 of 365 day blog: FOOTBALL! Talking about football today! I got to thinking what I would do in the long winter if there was no football! Now that all my kids are grown I don’t have high school football to watch. Such good memories watching those games and having lots of fun with other parents in the stands. Over zealous cheers from our group, but we were always good sports. No jeering at the officials unless it was warranted!!! We had so much fun even though it was windy and cold 9 times out of 10! I am sure my 3 boys miss football from time to time. I had one son that played rugby in college and boy was that hard to watch!!! Talk about a tough sport!!! He really enjoyed it and even broke a collar bone doing so. I was glad when he had had enough of rugby!  All of us enjoy watching college football and NFL football. Not so much NFL football lately! Monday night is the college football championship between Georgia and Alabama! What a game that will be! After Monday’s game I will go into a “show hole,” as far as football goes, darn!!! I am not a fan of basketball, I guess that is because my boys did not play it. I think there should be a name for the period of time when there is no football. Something like the “no football dulldrums.” I don’t know how many of you are football fanatics like me, but hope you can survive until the spring games!

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