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Day 57 of 365 day blog: COMPOSITION

Summit Lake

Day 57 of 365 day blog: COMPOSITION! In the world of visual arts, the word composition is the placement of visual elements in a work of art or in a photograph. A piece of art or a photograph with good composition is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the elements within the piece are balanced. Take my photograph entitled, “Summit Lake” for instance. There are elements of interest in the foreground, midground and background. The cabin with the blue-green roof is the focal point and draws the eye into the photo. There are different techniques used to obtain good composition. One of them is the rule of thirds, where important features are placed within 1/3 sections of the piece. Another composition technique is the rule of odds, usually an odd number of subjects is more appealing to the eye than an even number. Another technique is the rule of space, where you might paint or photograph a runner and leave space ahead of the runner to suggest a feeling of movement and give the eye a place to go. Using geometry and symmetry lends itself to a good composition. A triangle shape or a diagonal shape add to strong compositions. A piece that is symmetrical is also pleasing to the eye, like a face or a row of carefully placed produce at the market. Using shallow depth of field also makes for a good composition. When you use this technique your subject is in focus and everything else is blurred acting to frame and give emphasis to your subject. These are just a few techniques that are used to achieve a good composition in your art or in your photos. Go out and find great compositions in the landscape!!!

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