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Day 61 of 365 day blog: HYGGE


Day 61 HYGGE! I didn’t know what this term meant until 2 years ago when I was entering a photo contest entitled, Hygge, pronounced “HUE-gah.” It is a Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures like friends, family and graciousness! This season lends itself to Hygge. We tend to spend more time inside our warm houses and there are more holidays in the winter that draw families together. Graciousness is something that we should practice every day no matter what season it is! I like to check out things on Pinterest and I found this definition of hygge on their website, “life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things,” “savoring the present” and “the good life.” My idea of hygge is having all 4 kids, my husband and I sharing good times together!!! What is your idea of HYGGE?

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