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Day 63 of 365: EXCITE


Day 63 EXCITE! “The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them,” a quote I found from THINKGROWPROSPER. This quote really resonates with me!!! I spent 30 years as a nurse and yes, in the beginning it did excite me and I thrived in that environment, but in recent years I was NOT EXCITED and was left empty and depleted! I found photography and art and became excited again and I have been on a very excitedly creative ride! I am finding out that taking photographs feeds my soul and I am excited to share my images with others. I have had people tell me that they really like the quote and find true meaning in it! I have ALWAYS felt that we are all on this earth FOR A PURPOSE! It makes sense that if things make you excited you should listen to those ques and respond to them and incorporate them into your life! I am sure that I am on the right path and with God’s help I will fulfill my purpose!!! Go out and listen to the things in life that EXCITE you and FOLLOW them!!!

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