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Day 64 of 365: SUNSHINE


Day 64 SUNSHINE! Have you ever just taken the sun for granted? I woke up this morning to the sun’s rays coming through my bedroom window! It was GLORIOUS! Even though it is winter and the temperature outside is cold at 22 degrees above zero, the presence of the sun makes me more cheerful!!! As a fair skinned person I am not a sun worshiper per say, but I do enjoy getting outside to soak up the sun’s warm rays, with sunscreen of course! In the winter we get our share of cloudy gloomy days and that is to be expected, but on a sunny day we take note!!! I used to live in Alaska and know what it is like to live through the winter there!!! It is not so much the cold temperatures as it is the lack of sunshine! As soon as the winter solstice came, which was a holiday in and of itself, the days got noticeably longer and the glorious sun started to shine more often and longer!!! I would notice that when the sun was out that people migrated out of their homes to the outside to enjoy the weather. They got out just to take a walk or to go whale watching or whatever! My point is that we respond favorably to the weather when the sun is out!!! I am going to close for now and go out and enjoy the sun! Hope you have a sunny day!!!

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