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Day 66 of 365: LIGHT


Day 66 of 365: LIGHT! What a wonderful ingredient to life!!! Yesterday I captured the image above. I am wintering over a geranium and noticed how beautifully the sun was illuminating this plant and so I picked up my camera and started to shoot. Without light we would not be able to see every beautiful detail of the leaf, from the scallop edged leaves, its veins and its color to the fuzzy little projections from the stem of the leaf. The absence of light is also interesting. It gives attention to the subjects that are lit. I am very cognizant of light and its beauty. Every day unfolds with a beautiful sunrise whether skies are cloudy or clear. Every day retires with a beautiful sunset. Each sunrise and sunset is like a fingerprint, each and every one is unique! Even midday has interesting light that is bright and casts intense shadows. My favorite light, like many, is in the morning and in the evening. The blue light that illuminates the night after the sun has set is magical! I could go on all day about light! I encourage you to be alert to the varying degrees of light throughout your day! It will be ENLIGHTENING!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 66 of 365: LIGHT

  1. Hello Lynn, I received the pictures. Thank you so much.

    I agree with your post about the SUN. I love the sun – it definitely makes days special – especially winter days. We get a lot of wind in Great Falls and some people complain about it but I love our chinook winds – the southwest winds that come and melt the snow and ice before we start all over again with a new snow storm. I grew up in western Montana and when winter came with its snow and ice, it stayed around until May
    (and it often started in October).

    I also liked your post about LIGHT. Around the center portion of Montana, we have a lot of buttes. To me they are interesting and have a special beauty. One thing I have enjoyed over the years is watching the shadows that play across the buttes as the clouds scuttle across the sky and changes how the light plays across the rugged surface of the buttes , as the light changes because of the time of the day. watching as the buttes turn a beautiful blue hue as the night shades come on, etc. – all of those changes add to the beauty of the buttes.

    Enjoying your posts and your pictures.

    Love, Gail

    1. Hi Gail, So glad you got the photos! Thanks for your support! Love, Lynn

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