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Day 70 of 365: IDEAL DAY

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Day 70: IDEAL DAY! What would your “ideal day” look like? Ideal means satisfying one’s idea of what perfect is. My idea of what a perfect day would be is waking up with the sunshine coming through the window of our beach house and then having breakfast and a cup of coffee with my husband, while sitting on our large wooden deck in the 75 degree sunny weather, looking at the ocean waves lazily ebbing and  flowing. Not having a single thing to do, but what we want to do! Walking arm in arm along the beach in bare feet where the water meets the sand.  Letting my toes soak up the sand and letting my mind soak up the sounds of the sea. My thoughts flowing freely like the waves and feeling the warm sun on my back as well as the warm embrace of each other. Doing what we please, like going for a swim or lounging at the beach under an umbrella reading a book. Later in the day, watching the sun set over the ocean as the colors of the sky change from yellow to orange to pink and to blue until the sun disappears behind the horizon. Having dinner and watching the golden hour turn to the blue hour, all the while listening to sea gulls and watching the lighted boats return to the harbor. After evening comes, gathering close by the fire on the beach reminiscing together as this “ideal” day comes to a close and wishing it would last forever! That is my “IDEAL DAY,” WHAT IS YOURS????

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