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Day 71 of 365: SUPER BOWL


Day 71 of 365: SUPER BOWL! Is the super bowl all about football or is it about one big party with lots of great food? Well I think it is both! For all of us that love football, we think it is all about football. We even make small bets with our friends and family about who we think will win. I know in our family we all take sides before the game starts and it is usually 1/2 for one team and 1/2 for the other. I usually root for the underdog, so I will be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles this year. Overall, I hope it is a CLOSE game otherwise it will be boring. There are a lot of you out there that don’t care much for football and just like the super bowl for the food, that is fine! Food is important in our lives, most of our social gatherings center around food! What would a social gathering be without food (or drink)??? Dull and boring!!!What kind of food do most people eat during the super bowl? I would guess chicken wings, queso dip, chips and pizza. What is your favorite part of the super bowl? football or food?

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