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Day 74 of 365: IF MONEY WAS NO ISSUE


Day 74: If money and time was no issue, where would you pack up and fly to if you could? Lately I have been dreaming of warmer weather and a place that is green. Looking forward to spring for sure!!! If I had all the money and time in the world and could fly anywhere, I would fly to Magens Bay on Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands! I remember when my husband and I went there on a cruise of the western Caribbean back in 2002. I can still remember the absolutely beautiful beach and the most gorgeous turquoise blue waters. I can still recall the gentle warm breezes and the sunshine that graced the beach! It was a “little piece of heaven” and besides Ireland, Megans Bay is on my TO DO bucket list! Where would you pack up and fly to if money and time were not an issue??? Let me know or just LIKE my blog!

6 thoughts on “Day 74 of 365: IF MONEY WAS NO ISSUE

  1. But you’ve already been there. Wouldn’t you like to go somewhere you have not been yet?
    For me, South America seems like a great idea. The Amazonian jungle, or the festival in Rio maybe?

    1. No, I would be afraid I wouldn’t like a new place that I had never been to!!! The Rio de Janeiro carvinal has always intrigued me, that would be neat to see!

      1. Oh, I see. It’s nice to have a place that you want to return to. From my own travel experience, I realized that not all things are equal and I liked some places more than others, but in the end, I liked all of them.

      2. You strike me as a very positive person, one that finds something positive no matter where you go! That is a good thing!

      3. Why thank you. I call myself a realist, because I can see a lot of negativity in various things. But you’re right, I also try and see the good, because the bad is too overwhelming at times. And I appreciate the little things in life. Thanks for your kind comment.

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