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Day 75 of 365: Favorite childhood memory


Day 75: FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY! What is your favorite childhood memory? You may have to think about that for a minute. My favorite memory is when my siblings and I would go to our gymnastics lessons together with our Dad. We all liked going to gymnastics, but even better than that, we loved it when Dad would take us to the Goodrich dairy to buy us each an ice cream cone! Dad would stop fairly often and it is funny how that memory, of all the childhood memories, always sticks out as my favorite! Our Dad was like that, he was always doing those “little things” that helped to make a loving memory in my heart! My siblings and I will always remember how our Dad was always there for us and still is! Our Dad is selfless and all his life has given of himself to his kids and it was NEVER about him but about others!!! Thank you Dad!!! I love you!!!

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