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Day 78 of 365: 10 Things I am Grateful For


Day 78: 10 Things I am Grateful For! I thought it was time to acknowledge some things and people that I am grateful for! 1. Grateful that God is in this journey with me. 2. Grateful for all my friends and you know who you are. 3. Grateful for my spouse, who has been with me through thick and thin. 4. Grateful for my Mom and Dad for raising me to be a humble and polite person. 5. Grateful for my 4 absolutely amazing kids and their significant others. 6. Grateful for the opportunity to do what I love! 7. Grateful to live in such a beautiful state with beautiful people. 8. Grateful for my fellow bloggers. 9. Grateful for the kind people that have given me opportunities to grow my business. 10. Grateful for my older self and how I have been able to adapt to career changes!!! P.S. Don’t tell my husband that he is #3 and my friends are #2. I am just too lazy to change the order! Ha Ha Ha!

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