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Day 85 of 365: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without


Day 85: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without! Are you able to list just 10 things? Here is my list:

  • Coffee- I’ve tried to quit, doesn’t work! Bad headaches!
  • Family- my source of love and support!
  • Friends- especially my girl friends, need girl time!
  • Sunshine- lifts my spirits!
  • Football- I am crazy for it! Cornhuskers- Go Big Red!!!
  • My camera- Nikon D750 and my lenses.
  • Exercise- aerobics and strength training.
  • My little red Jeep- photo taking go-to vehicle.
  • Mountains- they inspire me!
  • My guide and savior, Jesus Christ!

Now that I have shared, I would love to know what your 10 things you can’t live without are! Dare to LIKE and COMMENT!!!

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