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Day 90 of 365: What makes you happy?


Day 90: What makes you happy? Is there something that you come across or see that immediately makes you smile? That thing for me is flowers, specifically sunflowers. Their large faces to me are so happy and when you take a look at them in nature they all face the sun, like happy little campers! I have heard a quote about bacon that goes “bacon is a gift that pigs give us when we are good.” I say sunflowers are a gift that God gives us when we are good.” Actually He gives us unconditional love, whether we are good or not! So go out and find what makes you HAPPY!


1 thought on “Day 90 of 365: What makes you happy?

  1. Several years ago I lived next to a field of sunflowers. I was always fascinated with how they follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Lovely thought. There is much beauty in this harsh world. 🌻

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