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Day 94 of 365: The 5 Things You Need for Spring!


Day 94: The 5 Things you need for Spring! Many of you may be TIRED of the unending winter like I am?! Snow and cold weather and wind since September, YIKES! I have had enough:( Here is my list of 5 things you need to welcome Spring:

  1. A new fun pair of sunglasses, important for style and eye health.
  2. A new pair of foot-friendly walking shoes, again important for foot health.
  3. Your camera or phone, to welcome all the green grass and delicate spring flowers that will be popping up and they will!
  4. A good friend who will go on nature walks and enjoy the sun and awesome sights with you. Tell your friend to bring a camera too! Walks are great exercise and important for physical and mental health!
  5. Bring your SUNNY attitude with you and drink in the colorful, living beauty of Spring!

If you have any ideas for what else you might need to usher in Spring, I am all ears! I realize we have more winter to come, BUT it never hurts to get ready.


7 thoughts on “Day 94 of 365: The 5 Things You Need for Spring!

  1. These are perfect. It gets me a little excited. Sunscreen and a cap are necessities for me. I’ll see you on the trails! : )

    1. Yes I totally forgot about sunscreen, oops. I should know better, being fair skinned.

  2. I, too, am very Caucasian and will probably face some cancerous issues in my future from my past dream of beautiful brown skin. But over the years I have developed a peace with how I was created and there is loveliness in contentment. Happy day! : )

    1. Yes, I used to think that I could tan when I was younger. Friends told me, just use this Hawaiian Tropic oil and you will tan. How disillusioned I was as a teenager! Yes, I have a sister and a brother who have had melanoma, so it is a real concern for me too!

  3. I found that I do not have to be “sunny” when I go on such walks. Nature turns me into a sunny person, though.

    1. Yes, I admit that one was a little “tongue in cheek.” Many times I go for a walk to improve my mood!

    2. I had just been thinking about this for a while and did not know whether I should post it or not. I usually speak truth to power. I am for change when the change is good! In response to the things that I worry about.

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