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Day 97: How to stay focused!

Wildflower up close
Wildflower up close

Day 97: How to stay focused! Now my message is two fold! I am going to talk about how to stay focused on your day to day mission as well as on how to stay focused when you are using your camera.

On how to stay focused with your day:

  • Keep a journal and list what will be on your agenda, the night before.
  • Check off those things that you get done.
  • Keep any deviations from your agenda on your calendar so you can get back to them on another day.
  • Add any things you did that were not on your agenda, keep in journal or on your calendar (day planner).
  • At the end of your day, evaluate what you got done and give yourself a pat on the back for what you did get done!

How to keep your images focused: (Using a typical DSLR, I use NIKON)

  • Choose a focus mode, manual(M) or auto-focus(AF).
  • Auto focus is more dependable than manual, especially for people like me whose vision is NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE:(
  • Choose an auto focus area, ie., face priority for portraits; wide area- for landscapes; normal area (center area will be focused)- use a tripod; subject tracking- for moving subjects.
  • Choose your focus points, those little squares or dots that light up in the view finder. You can choose from 1 to 51 focus points.
  • When the auto focus lock in activated, every time you place the focus point on the subject you want in focus and depress the shutter half way, the subject will stay in focus until the picture is taken. (Hope you follow me!)
  • Get to know your manual!!! It helps greatly!!!

Focus is crucial in landscapes as well as portraits (especially the eyes)! I would say that staying focused in your day is also crucial in getting things done, right? Hope this helps!

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