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Day 98 of 365: What is your least favorite feature?


Day 98: What is your least favorite feature? That is the topic for today! I cannot take credit for this photo, got it from the free photo library, wish I had taken it though! It’s great, which is quite funny because¬†freckles are my least favorite feature! I must say I like it on others, but not on myself!

When I was growing up I had the “triple whammy”: freckles, red hair and braces! Boy was I ever teased, endlessly! Names like “railroad tracks, choo-choo cherry, and Howdy Doody.” Now I just have the double whammy, red hair and freckles. It is funny how when you get older people don’t make fun of you anymore. I guess maybe it is because there are more red heads on the planet than when I was little. With freckles comes fair skin, usually. Sunscreen is a must for me, which can be a drag, but so important. Foundation is good because it helps to cover them, thank goodness!

All of my 4 kids have freckles, but only 2 have red hair. My daughter has beautiful long red hair and freckles. I tell her quite often that she is gorgeous! I hope she believes it! She is forever being called a “ginger” by her brothers (not by the other red haired brother) and she still HATES it to this day! South Park has not been kind to gingers! Those of you that have seen the show know what I mean.

Well, now you all know what my least favorite feature is! I am proud to be of Irish descent, however! I realize that not all Irish folks have freckles, but I know I got my freckles from my Dad whose parents came to America from Ireland, so there you go! Let me know, what is your least favorite feature?

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