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Day 99 of 365: Drinking from a fire hose!


Day 99: Drinking from a fire hose! Have you ever felt that way? Well I am feeling that way right now! I am launching a new art printing business! I have been a photographer and have been selling my landscape art and my portrait services, but NOW I am starting an art printing service on art paper and on canvas. See my Art Printing and Contact Page

What I am feeling right now is that I MIGHT be biting off more than I can chew or drinking water from a fire hose and nearly drowning, but hey I have a great printer and I have paper and I have canvas. What is the BIG deal? It is venturing in to the UNKNOWN that is the BIG DEAL. I ask myself questions like how many people will want my service?- and can I keep up with the orders when I get them?

This reminds me of an episode of the “Big Bang Theory” when Penny is selling “flowers to adorn one’s hair” and she starts to sell them online and is shocked and surprised when she gets lots and lots of orders! She begs Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj to help her fulfill all her orders. It was funny!

Now I know that my husband works full time and won’t be able to help me so it is all up to me! He doesn’t know how to print on paper or canvas for one thing, plus he doesn’t know what looks good and what doesn’t!

All I know is that I have God on my side and He will guide me along the way, so I should not be so apprehensive, right? Right!

Let me know if you have ever “felt like you were drinking out of a fire hose!”


5 thoughts on “Day 99 of 365: Drinking from a fire hose!

  1. Best, best wishes for your expansion. I am confident you will be as successful as you wish to be. May you find joy in the journey. : )

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for following my journey as you have been doing!

      1. It is my pleasure. : )

  2. That sounds exciting. All the best to ya.
    I never thought of “drinking from a hose”, maybe because I assess the situation first and then act. And if I feel like I might be close to capacity, I just rev up the motor and keep on going.
    You will be just fine, too. Good luck!
    Btw, the printer looks intense. I will keep you in mind, should I have something extra special that I would want printed on a canvas.

    1. Yes it is an imposing looking printer! I call it “the Beast.” It has to be my work horse!

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