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Day 111 of 365: Flowers

iris up close and personal
Irises up close and personal

Day 111: Flowers! One of my all time favorite things! I want to share a quote by Jean Giraudoux about the flower,”The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.”

The flower is one of God’s most beautiful creations. They are visually stimulating, attractive and enticing. These are words that describe seductiveness. The lines, shapes, and smells of a flower can be compared to a female for example. Just like a man is attracted to a woman, the bee is attracted to the flower albeit for different reasons. With the coming of spring comes the unveiling of nature’s flowers in all their glory.

Flowers are very poetic, as they are so expressive and evoke feelings in us that are strong and intense. Some synonymous words include elegant, artistic, symbolic and beautiful. Take the rose for instance, it is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of a rose expresses hope, promise and new beginnings. The many colors of roses each signify something different. Yellow roses symbolize joy and mature love, while the red rose is the traditional symbol for love and romance. The white rose is the traditional wedding flower, a symbol of purity, innocence and true love.

My favorite flower is the sunflower or helianthus. The sunflower is stunningly beautiful. They are rich in meaning. They symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Their meaning is derived from its namesake, the sun. To me they are the happiest of flowers as they always face the sun and have big beautiful faces.

I could go on and on about flowers, but I won’t. What is your favorite flower and why? How do you feel when you see flowers?


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