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Day 115 of 365: We are hard on ourselves!


Day 115: We are hard on ourselves aren’t we? I am sharing a quote from Thomas a Kempis that sums this up, “Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself.”

A truer statement has not been said! I know in my case, I beat myself up all the time! I had a show a few weeks ago and did not sell a single thing! I felt so dejected! I kept asking myself, “what did I do?” I actively engage with those that enter my booth and establish a rapport with them and no one buys anything. I would like to say that those people that I encountered were not my target market.

This weekend was an example of this happening all over again, except it did not happen to me, because I was not showing my work. It did happen to some of my dear friends however. I feel their pain and have been there more times than I want to admit! The moral of this artist’s story is NOT to give up! At this point in my photographic art career I am not willing to give up and I sincerely hope that my artist friends do not think, for a second, about quitting! The quote from Winston Churchill is my inspiration, “Never never never give up.” This same message has been in my dear Dad’s room in the nursing home ever since his strokes, given to him by my dear sister. It is a powerful message and all of us should take this to heart!

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